Giftioni, the Boutique of ExperiencesGiftioni, the Boutique of Experiences

Be Remembered for Your Gifts

Giftioni is a one-stop shop for all your experience gifts. You select the desired activity and we package your certificate and arrange reservation.

You will receive an activity voucher in a handcrafted box. The voucher can be redeemed upon request anytime and anywhere.

Give happiness! Bestow emotions!

Why choose Giftioni?

Impressive Packaging

You will receive the handcrafted package package with your wishes inscribed on an elegant scroll, Shakespeare style. The perfumed gift box will stand out and impress even those who have it all.

Transparent Pricing

Because the activation fee is our only source of earnings, you get the true price for the great experience. If an experience costs less than what we charge, we automatically offer a credit towards the next purchase at activation.

Better Experiences

Other gift experience companies, with margin in mind, often lock you in with a single experience provider and tight schedules. We offer the power of choice, convenience, and better experiences.

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